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The Proper Way to Deal with Discipline in the Classroom

No TEFL teacher enjoys enforcing discipline. For a lot of us, for a discipline-worthy situation arises it can ruin our entire day. Not to mention disrupt the class as a whole and more than likely leave the lesson a pointless and futile effort. Something that has paid off for me, in terms of discipline,… Read more

5 Ways You Can Make Your Classroom a Fun and Interesting Place

You have your qualifications, landed the perfect job and travelled to a new home abroad, now its time for that first day of class. By now you should have an idea of what sort of classroom you would like it to be, as well as what sort of image you want your learners to have of you. Here are some tips… Read more

Most Recent Podcast Episodes

Episode 37 - Diary of a Future Teacher: Week 4

Jessica (Canada) has finished for four week TEFL certification course, and it now in Canada weighing her options. Find out the results of her training and what she thought of the last week, as well as life abroad. If you are interested in a career in the TEFL industry you don`t want to miss the exciting… Read more

Episode 36 - Diary of a Future Teacher: Week 3

Jessica (Canadian) continues her TEFL certification into the third week and discusses her experience in great deal. If obtaining certification is to teach English abroad is something you`ve always been interested but never took the first step towards, then you definitely will want to hear what she has… Read more