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Travel Time for TEFL Teachers!

Chinaís National Day holiday is right around the corner. Itís a grand celebration in China, Macau and Hong Kong, celebrating the founding of the Peopleís Republic of China in 1949. Pride runs high among locals for a solid week and the festivities include visiting with family and friends, firework displays,… Read more

The Proper Tool for all your Needs!

Iíve once heard it said that you are only as good as your resources, and for anyone visiting China, the website is the ultimate resource in making sure youíre prepared for anything. Whether you are travelling for business, relocating for employment, or just doing some travel, it… Read more

Most Recent Podcast Episodes

Episode 36 - Diary of a Future Teacher: Week 3

Jessica (Canadian) continues her TEFL certification into the third week and discusses her experience in great deal. If obtaining certification is to teach English abroad is something you`ve always been interested but never took the first step towards, then you definitely will want to hear what she has… Read more

Episode 35 - Diary of a Future Teacher: Week 2

Jessica continues her ongoing podcast series with The TEFLCast, which is documenting her recent trip to China to and enrolment†in a TEL certification program. She hopes to†teach English as a second language upon†completion. In this episode we find out if her expectations were correct, the struggles… Read more