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The Proper Tool for all your Needs!

Ive once heard it said that you are only as good as your resources, and for anyone visiting China, the website is the ultimate resource in making sure youre prepared for anything. Whether you are travelling for business, relocating for employment, or just doing some travel, it… Read more

Chinas Mid-Autumn Festival: Bring on the Mooncakes!

One of Chinas most celebrated holidays is the Mid-Autumn Festival (also known as Moon or Mooncake Holiday) and it falls on the 15th day of the 8th lunar month. It is a Harvest Festival celebrated in both Taiwan and Vietnam as well and is speculated to date as old as 1500 BCE. The festivals origins… Read more

Most Recent Podcast Episodes

Episode 34 - Diary of a Future Teacher: Day 1

Jessica House (Canadian, and cousin of The TEFLCast host, Adam) has just arrived in Beijing. She is here to experience life in a foreign land as well as partake in a TEFL course with the hopes of becoming certified to teach English as a foreign language. Upon certification, her goal is to find a job… Read more

Episode 33 - Can Teaching Make Me Fly?

After writing an a blog article for the TEFL Express blog, TEFL Tales, titled "What Can Your Employer Do For You," I decided to devote an entire episode of The TEFLCast to the subject. This time of year is a busy time in the TEFL industry, and Heather Chandler joins us to give some great advice on what… Read more