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Earning the Trust of your Students

Earning the trust of your students can play an important role in determining how well, or how not so well, your class goes, and not just for that one day, but for your entire duration as their teacher. Trust, between you and your students, is as essential as having your lessons planned, your materials… Read more

Crime Abroad: Things you should know.

Crime can and does happen anywhere. In a past article, I discussed various ways you can avoid theft, but theft is not all you have to look out for. After living abroad for ten years now, I can safely say Iíve only been the victim of one crime, theft, and it was within the last year. And although it… Read more

Most Recent Podcast Episodes

Episode 39 - The Christmas Episode II

On this special holiday episode, we hear from several past guests and holiday experts on a variety of topics and tips related to the Christmas holidays. Find out how you can make the most of your festive time abroad in the newest episode of The TEFLCast. That`s not all! Listen to find out how TEFL Express… Read more

Episode 38 - What`s Your Favourite Scary Movie? (Halloween Episode)

Trick or treat fellow TEFLer`s. Halloween has come around again. Heather joins us on The TEFLCast to give insight on Halloween abroad, in the classroom and some great choices of movies to throw on this Halloween. Tune in for all the do`s and do not`s to help ensure you have a spooktacular time this… Read more