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A Typical Saturday Abroad

I woke up early Saturday morning, by “early” I mean later than I would wake on a workday but still before noon, and quickly hopped online to join some of my long time friends in Canada for some online gaming. No time for breakfast though. With the twelve-hour time difference they would all be signing… Read more

Have You Thought about Where and Who to Teach Yet?

So you got the teaching bug and you itched it with your lovely new TEFL certification. The next step: finding your dream job. While on the hunt for a new job, everyone remembers the basics. How much is the pay? What are the hours? Are my days off consecutive? These are all valid questions and it is… Read more

Most Recent Podcast Episodes

Episode 38 - What`s Your Favourite Scary Movie? (Halloween Episode)

Trick or treat fellow TEFLer`s. Halloween has come around again. Heather joins us on The TEFLCast to give insight on Halloween abroad, in the classroom and some great choices of movies to throw on this Halloween. Tune in for all the do`s and do not`s to help ensure you have a spooktacular time this… Read more

Episode 37 - Diary of a Future Teacher: Week 4

Jessica (Canada) has finished for four week TEFL certification course, and it now in Canada weighing her options. Find out the results of her training and what she thought of the last week, as well as life abroad. If you are interested in a career in the TEFL industry you don`t want to miss the exciting… Read more