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TESOL 140 Premier Course

Our Premier 140 hour course teaches you the Core Module, TKT preparation and all three specialist courses.

Having this combination of skills guarantees you access to a huge choice of positions and locations all over the globe. On completion you’ll be awarded the TESOL Premier Certificate. You’ll be highly qualified and eagerly sought after in the TESOL world.

Taking the Core Module gives you a really solid foundation in the cornerstones of English Teaching. You’ll grasp a good understanding of how a non-native speaker will experience English, learn the key grammar rules and how to get them across easily to your students.

The TKT Preparation does just that – gives you the knowledge and confidence you need to sit your internationally recognised TKT exam.

You study all three Specialist Modules, preparing you for many unusual teaching situations.

Elements of these modules:

Core Module - The Principles of Teaching English

  • Understanding language
  • Key English grammar points
  • How to teach grammar in the classroom

TKT Units - Preparing you for the internationally recognised TKT (Teaching Knowledge Test) examination

  • Unit 1: Language (Grammar, Lexis, Pronunciation & Functions)
  • Unit 2: Language Skills (Listening, Speaking, Reading & Writing)
  • Unit 3: Learning and Teaching Languages Preparation for University of Cambridge TKT Certificate 1
  • Unit 4: Teaching Materials and Lesson Planning Preparation for University of Cambridge TKT Certificate 2
  • Unit 5: Classroom Management

The above TKT units are a preparation course for the 5 part Teaching Knowledge Test (TKT) that will give you a score of 1-4 from the Cambridge ESOL examining body. A good score in this demonstrates familiarity with the theory of English teaching. If you wanted to do this exam you would have to arrange the examination yourself. The cost depends on the local centre. You can find a list of local Cambridge ESOL centres here - http://cambridgeesol-centres.org/centres/index.do

Specialist Modules – you’ll study all three:

Survival Teaching

  • Teaching large classes
  • Teaching with limited resources
  • Learner-based training
  • Cultural awareness

Young Learners Teaching

  • Teaching young learners
  • Behaviour management
  • Storytelling with young learners
  • Classroom routines

Professional Teaching

  • English for Specific Purposes (e.g. Academic English, Medical English)
  • Business English
  • Exam classes
  • One-to-one

Why choose the TESOL 140 Premier Course?

This could be all you need to take you anywhere in the world and apply for prime positions in EFL teaching.  It’s a complete package and shows strong dedication and commitment to offering employers a superior level of skill in TESOL.

Advantages to choosing the TESOL 140 Premier Course:

  • Enables you to achieve an internationally accredited qualification - the Teaching Knowledge Test (TKT)
  • Gives you an excellent foundation in the principles of EFL teaching and extra specialist skills for specific circumstances.
  • You’ll add the impressive 140 hour Premier TESOL certificate to your CV.

If you have any queries on this course our team of TESOL experts is ready to help. You can email us at info@tesolexpressonline.com or contact our TESOL Express Online Team

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