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150 hour TEYL Professional Course

This course is designed to prepare you for any student. It comes with our 125 hour TEFL Essentials content, which includes all you need to jump into your first day teaching, plus our new 25 hour Teaching English to Young Learners Course. If you're interested in teaching in Asia, or want to stand out from the other applicants in other markets, this TEYL Course addition is a must-have!

Whether you're new to TEFL or looking to master new skills, the 150 hour Professional Course has something for you. This course includes our new TEYL course--essential for those teachers looking to work in Asia.

Course Modules

25 hour TEYL Module

Course Breakdown

  • Unit 1: Classroom Management
  • Unit 2: Promoting a Positive Learning Environment
  • Unit 3: Lesson Planning
  • Unit 4: Developing Language Skills
  • Unit 5: Using Stories and Songs
  • Unit 6: Introducing Language Systems
  • Unit 7: Creating Opportunities for Natural Communication

What will I learn?

  • Understand how children learn and how to make the most of your your classroom time.
  • Learn how to set routines and manage your classroom.
  • Understand how to plan lessons that keep young learners engaged.
  • Learn how to use stories and songs in new and fun ways.

25 hour TEFL Essentials: Classroom Management Course

Course Breakdown

  • Unit 1: An Introduction to Classroom Management
  • Unit 2: Before the Lesson: The Importance of Planning
  • Unit 3: Building the Foundations
  • Unit 4: During the Lesson: Lesson Delivery and Classroom Management
  • Unit 5: Know Your Students
  • Unit 6: Troubleshooting: Final Tips and Strategies

What will I learn?

  • What classroom management is and why it’s important
  • What can go wrong without adequate planning
  • Classroom management strategies such as rules and routines, and why they are essential to effective classroom management
  • The importance of knowing your English language students
  • Practical classroom tips

25 hour TEFL Essentials: Skills

Course Breakdown

  • Unit 1: Introduction to Teaching the Four Skills
  • Unit 2: Teaching Reading
  • Unit 3: Teaching Writing
  • Unit 4: Teaching Listening
  • Unit 5: Teaching Speaking  
  • Unit 6: Assessing the Different Skills

What will I learn?

  • Three important concepts related to teaching the skills
  • Identify four issues that are related to reading instruction
  • Discover five issues related to writing instruction
  • Examine the listening process, teaching listening strategies, and creating listening activities to help the students improve
  • Consider issues related to speaking instruction
  • Understand how to assess all four skills

25 hour TEFL Essentials: Lexis & Phonology

Course Breakdown

  • Unit 1. Introduction to Lexis
  • Unit 2. Lexis in the Classroom
  • Unit 3. Introduction to Phonology
  • Unit 4. Phonology in Speech
  • Unit 5. Phonology in the Classroom

What will I learn?

  • What lexis is and the different ways it can be organised
  • Explore the different ways we use lexis and understand how to present this to students in the classroom
  • Grasp the basics of phonology and then move onto more advanced features of phonology found in connected speech
  • How to use phonology in your classroom

25 hour TEFL Essentials: Grammar Course

Course Breakdown

  • Unit 1: An Introduction to Grammar
  • Unit 2: The Basics of English Grammar: Word to Sentence
  • Unit 3: The Basics of English Grammar: Being More Specific
  • Unit 4: What About Teaching It?
  • Unit 5: The Basics of English Grammar: Expressing More Complex Meanings
  • Unit 6: Grammar Plus

What will I learn?

  • What grammar really is and why we need it
  • The general guiding principles that pull grammar together from individual words to complete sentences
  • The most commonly taught grammar points
  • The most successful techniques and approaches to teaching grammar and the typical problems learners face
  • The guiding principles that help teachers to deal with more complex grammar
  • How to integrate grammar teaching into teaching other components of English

25 hour TEFL Essentials: Approaches & Methodology

Course Breakdown

  • Unit I: Video Section: Inexperienced Teacher with an Elementary Class
  • Unit 2: Video Section: More Experienced Teacher with a Pre-Intermediate Class

What will I learn?

  • How to spot when a teacher contributes to students’ errors
  • How to manage disruptive behaviour
  • The do's and don'ts of dealing with student errors
  • How to use a student's work to make your own teaching better
  • How to become a skilled observer of both another teacher and yourself
  • How to analyse your own teaching skills
  • How to provide constructive feedback to a colleague – and how to use this to make YOU a better teacher
  • What to do when students fail to understand instructions
  • How to use flashcards effectively – and what happens when you don’t
  • How to correct homework
  • How to focus on a specific element of a teacher’s class work

The course is divided into two units, and focuses on video footage from two teaching scenarios. The videos are designed to enable you to practice turning the theory and knowledge you have gained during the course into practical teaching skills.

The first video shows the teacher in an elementary class. She is new to the classroom and you'll look at some of the common errors new teachers make.

The second video will show the teacher a little later in the teaching year with a pre-intermediate class and will show you how she has progressed. You’ll also learn that, even with some experience, teachers still make mistakes and how best to learn from them.

Each video is broken into short clips for you to work on. After every section, there are practice activities to complete that will make sure you understand and are clear about what you’ve learnt. There are also downloads including reflection and action tasks, further practice tasks and knowledge reference sheets that you should print out to build a fantastic bank of training and teacher materials by the end of your TEFL training.

Each course module contains 4-8 bite-sized sections. The sections will be a mix of video tuition where you’re guided by the course presenter, classroom footage and interviews with teachers and learners, reading sections with diagrams, illustrations and tables for you to study.

At the end of each unit you'll watch real classroom footage of our teachers and students in action. They’ll give you a flavour of what life in the classroom is really like and the best practices of how to teach the four skills.

After every section, there are practice activities to complete that will make sure you understand and are clear about what you've learnt. There are also downloads for every section including reflection and action tasks, further practice tasks and knowledge reference sheets that you should print out to build a fantastic bank of training and teacher materials by the end of your TEFL training.

Is this course right for you?

  • Meet employer requirements with this internationally-recognised course.
  • Gain all the skills, confidence and knowledge required to be a successful English teacher.
  • Receive all the training you’ll need to begin a career teaching English abroad.
  • Be prepared to teach students of all ages.

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