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Meet the Team!


TEFL express team member Aliea Team Leader - Customer Happiness and Outreach
Baguio City, Philippines

Ailea provides administrative support and leads the customer service and outreach team of TEFL Express. Her interests include meeting new people, sharing good music and traveling to different places.


TEFL express team member Nathan Blog editor
Hoi An, Vietnam, originally from Wisconsin, USA

Nathan is an experienced teacher who has started his own school in Hoi An, Vietnam. He treats his classrooms like a lab as he constantly tries to come up with more effective activities to help his students learn English. When Nathan is not teaching or helping less experienced teachers, he is hanging out at the beach writing novels.


TEFL express team member Louise Academic Consultant
Hawkes Bay, New Zealand, originally from the UK

Louise has been teaching English for 15 years to early years, primary, secondary and adult learners. In that time, she's lived and worked in London, Dublin, NZ, Oman, Bahrain and Vietnam, working on various projects such as training and upskilling English language teachers in government schools, and most recently managing the Young Learner Programme for the British Council Teaching Centre in Bahrain. She is currently living in Hawkes Bay, New Zealand where she divides her time between writing EFL course book material, raising her three boys and caring for their various assortment of animals and their vegetable patch.


TEFL express team member Stephanie Media Maven
Santiago, Chile, originally from Lansing, Michigan, USA

Stephanie worked in marketing for 5 years before jumping into the TEFL world. She has TEFLed in Poland, Vietnam, Chile, and online for a Russian company. Right now she's probably exploring her new city or searching for great stories and pictures for our Facebook page.


TEFL express team member Gilbert General Manager
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, originally from Singapore

Gilbert has over 11 years of experience in the education industry. Since moving to Vietnam, he has also managed companies in the retail & wholesale sector, before joining TEFL Express. Gilbert spends most of his free time with his family which includes his two lovely children, whom he will go for short trips around Vietnam with, or to further destinations if he has more days to spare. And when he gets time alone, he usually swims and watches sports on TV.


TEFL express team member Hoa Designer
Hanoi, Vietnam

Hoa likes illustration and design. She loves hanging out in nature and taking pictures. Hoa also likes to make friends, learn new languages and listen to traditional, classical music like Shen Yun Symphony Orchestra. Her favorite show is Shen Yun Performing Art.


TEFL express team member Bimlesh Digital Marketing Executive
Bangalore, India, originally from Dehradun, India

Bimlesh is a Digital Marketer, husband, dad, traveller. He has 8+ years experience in Digital, most of which comes from Digital Agencies. Bimlesh loves travelling offbeat places with family and enjoys practicing harmonium and guitar in free time. He also likes reading books and and loves listening to Sufi, classic rock and Indian classical music.


TEFL express team member Fazlin Job Specialist
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Fazlin has a background in Psychology and TESOL and has been in the education counseling and consultancy for many years. She has worked with Universities around the world, as well as the corporate sector, where she assisted people with their career choices and those wishing to explore new places and ideas. Fazlin enjoys working with young people and hope to share her experiences and knowledge and helping individuals to recognise their strengths and potentials. She has lived in the UK and Australia, and now she is back in her home country in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


TEFL express team member Huong General Accountant
Hanoi, Vietnam, originally from Thai Nguyen, Vietnam

Huong was born in a mountainous city of Vietnam, famous for green tea. She holds a double degree in English and Finance & Banking. Huong is friendly and easy to adapt.