Introducing the Practicum Integrated 125 hours Online TEFL Essentials course!

Includes a 125-hour online self-paced course accredited by Accreditat. Plus two weeks of face-to-face practicum with coaching and feedback from an expert teacher at internationally-recognized Language Link Academic, Hanoi, Vietnam.

For outstation/out-of-country candidates, information assistance will be provided for accommodation and food arrangements. Letter to facilitate issue of visa would be provided from Language Link Academic, Hanoi, Vietnam.

All costs extra to be borne by the students. Estimated costs for living in Hanoi : Accommodation: $40 per day Food : $20 per day Visa and travel costs to be borne by the candidates. Costs vary, please contact us for information specific to your situation.

Certificate legalisation assistance would be provided at cost to the successful candidates. Placement assistance is be available to the candidates completing the course in time.

Meet Ilani, your practicum tutor!

Ilani has been working in TEFL for nearly a decade. She’s been in Vietnam for five years and is the current Academic Coordinator at Language Link Vietnam. Before moving to Vietnam, she taught in three other countries. She’s a great resource for you, both in terms of teaching and what you can expect while living abroad.

She is a TOEFL and TOEIC trainer, does TKT training, leads pronunciation courses, and trains VYL teachers in all subjects. Recently, she has been working on course development. No matter what type of TEFL teaching you are interested in, Ilani has the experience needed to help you succeed.