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Here at TEFL Express, we believe that our students are our best brand ambassadors. Our Referral Program has been introduced to encourage our students to spread the good word for us. If you know of someone who is looking for an accredited TEFL course, or someone who aspires to travel the world while teaching English as a TEFL Teacher, let us know. We will reward you for your effort. Any referral which results in a successful enrolment, will earn you a Referral Incentive of $50. It is that easy!!

Who is eligible?

  • Our Referral Program is open to:
    • All TEFL Express' students who have enrolled or completed our full-fledged courses, which are over 100 hours in course duration
    • All TEFL Express' students who have enrolled or completed our 25-hour Specialist Modules
    • All TEFL Express' customers who have purchased our e-books

Qualifying criteria of the Applicant?

How do I refer someone to TEFL Express?

  • The Referrer will have to email the below details of the Applicant to
    • Full name of the Applicant
    • Email address of the Applicant
    • Contact numbers of the Applicant
  • The Applicant can also email directly, providing the below details of the Referrer:
    • Full name of the Referrer
    • The TEFL Express course which the Referrer is enrolled into / graduated from

How do I get paid the Referral Incentive?

  • A Referral Incentive of $50 will be paid for every successful enrolment, which meets the above mentioned qualifying criteria
  • The Referral Incentive (or Incentives – in the event of more than one referral) which the Referrer is entitled to will be computed at the end of each month, and be transferred to the Referrer's nominated bank account, before the 15th of the next month

Points to note – Offsetting

  • The Referrer can choose to offset the Referral Incentive against the course fee payable by the Applicant. Under such an arrangement:
    • The Applicant will pay for the listed course fee less the Referral Incentive of $50
    • The Applicant will pay the Referral Incentive of $50 to the Referrer directly
    • This is only an option and the Referrer can still choose to have their Referral Incentive paid directly into the nominated bank account
    • Disclaimer: This is a private arrangement and TEFL Express will not be liable for any default from the Applicant to the Referrer
  • In the event of a refund request before the Applicant completes the course, the Referral Incentive of $50 will be offset from the refund amount payable to the Applicant

So if you have benefited from TEFL Express, then help spread the good word and get rewarded for it.
The more you refer, the more you will earn!!

We are also looking for B2B partners in the below areas:

If you are interested in becoming our corporate partner, please fill in the form below with your contact details, and our friendly Customer Support staff will be in touch with you very shortly. Please also note that you will be subscribing to our TEFL Co-Op Newsletters, a monthly e-publication which we send to all our corporate partners with updates on the latest services and promotions we are offering to our corporate partners, the current trends in the TEFL industry, and much more useful information.


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