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As a trainee TEFL teacher or recent graduate you want to know that you can get a job with a reputable school or partner and at TEFL Express we only work with the best partners. We're delighted to know they feed the same way!

  • Tefl Express EF Language Partner Review

    We require all our teachers to be professionally trained before they start with EF Language Travel. We used to recommend another online training provider but since partnering with TEFL Express there has been a marked improvement in new teachers’ readiness to teach and understanding of the demands of the classroom. The quality of the training is clear with video-led explanations, clips of real classrooms to reflect on, and regular checks to keep the trainee teacher actively involved. The TEFL Express courses have proved popular with our teachers and we can see the difference in lesson observations. Our student evaluations of their teachers and how much they feel they are learning is also improving – real proof that the training has a valuable impact for EF Language Travel, our teachers and most importantly: our students.

    -EF Language Travel
  • Tefl Express Kids ESL Starter Partner Review

    We always find TEFL Express graduates well prepared for teaching TEFL overseas. The feedback we receive from the schools and universities we recruit for about TEFL Express graduates is overwhelmingly positive. Many of our schools praise TEFL Express graduates as being quick to adapt to their teaching requirements. This is really important for us because our schools look for candidates who will be proactive and able to work independently. We know that this will be the case with TEFL Express graduates because we know they will have a good understanding of how to teach English as a Foreign Language. This is very beneficial for both the schools and teachers themselves because an essential skill when teaching English abroad is to be able to hit the ground running!

    -ESL Starter
  • Tefl Express Opportunity China Partner Review

    We always recommend TEFL Express to our candidates; their accredited, engaging courses receive good feedback and equip students with the skills they need to become an English teacher abroad.

    -Opportunity China
  • TEFL express Gold star teaching banner 2

    We can always rely on TEFL Express to provide high quality English teachers who are well prepared, knowledgeable and have an energetic, positive teaching style in the classroom. TEFL Express offer a range of courses to suit different needs and we highly recommend their courses for anyone looking to begin their teaching adventure abroad.

    -Gold Star TEFL Recruitment
  • Tefl Express Thailand Pieter ESL Teacher Partner Review

    We find TEFL Express very professional, honest and reliable at all times.The TEFL Express team is very helpful.

    When it comes to teaching abroad and their return time on questions is remarkable. Their online support is very effective and the team is always online to assist you. They are also very good in their follow ups.

    -Teaching Abroad Thailand


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