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You don't need to have any previous teaching experience before taking this course, and after graduation you'll be able to apply for thousands of TEFL jobs worldwide. This reputable course is your passport to a new career, teaching and travelling the globe.


150 hour Comprehensive Teacher Kit

The 150 Hour Comprehensive Teacher Kit provides training for both new and experienced teachers to enhance the quality of their teaching and to update them on the current trends in TEFL.This kit includes video-based instruction with essential modules on Lesson Planning, Approach & Methodology, among others. In addition to your online course, you receive 5 e-books to continue your professional development.

$ 600

125 hour TEFL Essentials

The 125 Hour TEFL Essentials Course is a solid introduction to the world of TEFL. This video-based course will teach you about various aspects of this career including classroom management, teaching lexis & phonology, a grammar refresher, among others.

$380$ 228

25 hour TEFL Essentials: Lesson Planning

Any teacher knows that a good lesson plan is the basis for any good lesson. But how do you write your lesson plan? Are you including all the right stages? If you have any uncertainty about your lessons, this is the video-based course for you.

$ 50

25 hour Teaching English for Young Learners

Most TEFL courses focus on teaching adults. This is a great way to get your foot in the door, but many teachers find themselves in young learner classrooms with no experience and no training. If that is you, or if you want to start working with children, this video-based course will prepare you.

$80$ 48


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160 hour Premier Plus TEFL Course

This course will make you a TEFL expert. You will learn about using textbooks to their fullest potential, how to teach i...

$ 729


120 hour Advanced TEFL Course

Our 120 hour TEFL course presents in-depth content in a simple and straightforward manner with text and images. You will...

$ 599



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