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TEFL Express Reviews

Check out some of the comments and stories that our customers have to say about their experience with us. If you'd like to your TEFL Express review to be added to this page, email it to us.

  • David Bish,Director of Academic Management, EF Language Travel

    The latest courses from TEFL Express are world class. They are clearly structured to take you direct to the content you need delivered as solid advice given on video by expert trainers for a personal touch. The course technology puts you in control with whiteboard slides so you can move back and forwards as you listen and download the additional support material when you need it. That all makes for a course that suits your own learning pace and style. What is especially important for me is the regular checks with test questions and unit tests, they keep you attentive and really show what you have actually learned on the TEFL Express course.

  • Serge T.

    I'm not a native English speaker and, in fact, I've started studying English language about 3 years ago at age of 27. However, this fact doesn't keep me away from a teaching career. Being a student myself with an upper-intermediate level of the language, I'd been challenging myself to become a teacher.

    It wasn't easy to decide wethere I need to spend money and time to get TEFL certificate, because that time I already worked for two training centres and had lots of doubts sort of if it really helps to find a better job. But then I started to consider this challenge as a continuation of my English education. Finally, it took me 26 days in row during summer holidays when I spent about 5-6 hours a day. it was a hard working time, but now, looking back, I realize how much my skills, even as a student, were improved.

    Special THANK to Ailea Florence who accompanied me since May 2016 with a first commercial e-mail to February 2017 with resending a hard copy certificate. All that time I felt very strongly that company provides a good service and that Ailea is a wonderfully patient woman. Thank you Ailea and TeflExpress.

  • Stephanie Wood, Manchester via South Korea

    Thanks to you I'm off to South Korea in three weeks with a nice shiny TEFL certificate. I highly recommend these guys! I enjoyed the course and found the team really helpful.

  • Ed Leszczynski, USA

    I did not complete the TEFL certification course because I look to obtain a position as a TEFL instructor. Rather, I am currently teaching business courses to high school sophomores, juniors and seniors, and I teach English composition to college freshmen and sophomores. Through these, especially the college classes, I often have students for whom English is their second language. Thus, my goal for taking the TEFL training was to better assist me in understanding these students' language needs and to provide me with the knowledge and tools to best assist them in achieving their learning endeavors. An added bonus that I quickly realized as I was going through the course units was the way the lessons were reinforcing the basic teaching standards, methodologies and pedagogy - such as classroom management, student-focused teaching and lesson planning - that I had been taught several years ago as a new teacher. While these are definitely important relative to TEFL, they are mainstays of all good teaching, and it was affirming to realize how many of these have become 'hard-wired' into my teaching practices.

  • Nigel Bellamy

    Dear Colin!
    Many thanks your congratulations and for getting back to me personally. I am pleased to report that I am now teaching English to a small group of Spanish students at the school where I teach Music!

  • Julie J Farrell, Devon

    Thought fellow TEFL Expressers would like to know - I passed my certificate the very week that my town was beginning free English Classes for the foreign workers. On Friday I am helping out a small group of people who have very little English. Volunteering is a great way to get practical experience and to put into practice all those things learnt on line.

  • Sophie Gray, UK

    I would highly recommend TEFL express after the brilliant help and support I have received. They were very quick to respond to any queries I had and offered helpful advice to swiftly resolve any problems. The online course is very accessible and easy to navigate, whilst the nature of the work is challenging and interesting. I can't wait to earn my certificate and begin teaching abroad!

  • Shaina, Louisiana, USA

    I definitely recommend TEFL Express to anyone who needs an organized lesson plan to complete the course and earn an official TEFL certificate. From study plans to study tips, TEFL Express makes completing the required 120 hours of the course attainable and interesting. Aside from the course, this program offers so many resources for teaching jobs and internships around the world. I didn't have to search different sites for teaching opportunities because it's all on one site. Also, the customer service is awesome. The live chat assistance is super helpful and the operators are really friendly and attentive. Thumbs up for TEFL Express!

  • Yvonne Kelly, Galway, Ireland

    I heard about the TEFL course through a friend who completed the course and was teaching abroad. He spoke highly of TEFL and convinced me to take the course. TEFL gives me an opportunity to add to my CV, travel to new exciting areas, Explore new cultures, get experience teaching and get paid for doing something I love to do! I'd highly recommend this course for those who someday hope to travel and work in a new country!

  • Pauric McGorry, Galway, Ireland

    TEFL gives me an opportunity to travel, teach English and learn new experiences in new cultures. TEFL's teaching practice really is invaluable as you can go into a job with some confidence and knowledge of how to structure a class. They also prepare you for common problems you will encounter and how to cope with unexpected questions or disruptive students. I would happily recommend TEFL to friends who are looking for employment when travelling overseas.

  • Scarlett Franklin, UK

    I first decided to look into TEFL courses when I heard about them through a couple of my friends. Both had been lucky enough to travel abroad whilst working as an (EFL) English teacher; one friend had been in Italy and the other in South America. They told me how great TEFL can be because you can travel and work at the same time. I also came to realise that the skills were transferable to all areas of work-life.
    At this point I decided to find a course which was comprehensive enough to cover teaching from all angles, from time and classroom management through to teaching with limited resources. (...) The modules are great because not only do they break down the English language in a logical way, but they also give you skills in teaching groups and on a one-to-one basis. Throughout the course, TEFL Express were great at offering support and advice and always responded to my queries pretty quickly.
    I now have the skills to travel anywhere in the world or here in the UK to travel whilst teaching and learning/experiencing about new cultures. Not only this, but I can use these skills I learnt in the course in the workplace especially for the management of people and time.

  • Tulsi, currently in China

    The TEFL team, have aided me in my quest to understand the aspects of working (and living) in China. The questions I asked were responded to quickly and clearly. Their help has been prompt and much appreciated. I would recommended them to anyone and everyone, who has their heart set on being a foreign teacher in China. If you join them, it is evident they don't just 'leave you to it', offering answers and support when needed.


  • Marion Henry, Gartocharn, Scotland

    I found this course to be both enjoyable and informative. As I worked through each Unit and progressed through each section, I was able to check upon my progress and my marks. This made the learning experience even more exciting and challenging. (...) I am now using my new skills when working with pupils in school, who have either no spoken English at all, or who have English as a second language. My newly developed skills are adequately meeting their learning needs, thanks to TEFL Express. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who is considering working with those who do not have English as a first language. The skills developed through this course will adequately prepare anyone for teaching English as a foreign language. Thank you 'TEFL Express'

  • Philip Hofer, La Verne, CA.

    I am very much enjoying the work of TESOL Express. I am doing the preparation for a possible return to an earlier work, teaching English to speakers of other languages. I started my professional career, in 1967, teaching English as a Second Language. I taught for three years in post-independence Nigeria. I did this immediately after my university work, where I 'majored' in communication and 'minored' in English Literature. How I wish I had had TESOL training. How I wish I had done TESOL Express prior to that work. I taught in a Teachers College and during my time, I supervised teachers. Needless to say, I learned much on the job. On November 1, 2012 I retired after a career divided between international education and international development. I decided I might like to teach again, hopefully using my experience and expertise for service as well as some income. I am doing the course with that in mind. I am both challenged by and enjoying my study.

  • Jeremy Heiser, USA

    I thoroughly enjoyed the 160-hour course! I feel like I'm as prepared as I can be to start out as a new English teacher abroad. I'm glad to have completed the course, I'm grateful for everything I've learned, and I'm excited to take the next step!

  • Eunice Kerekang, Botswana

    Personally i have learned good service and i will always carry with it as part of my life. Giving people service for me will be different from now on as the bar has been raised through TEFL.

  • Moyne Puri, USA

    I was looking online for a course that will give me the qualification and correct tools to be an excellent teacher in teaching English as a second language. I found the TEFL Express course and I was impress with its format, content and affordability.

  • Anne Belley, USA

    This is a fantastic course! I wish that I had had more personal free time to go through it more slowly and thoroughly. As a homeschooling mother of 9, time is not always readily available! Some of my children enjoyed participating in sections of the course. I highly recommend that anyone going into TESOL enroll in this course, and probably others that you offer.

  • Jared Kimball, USA

    It (the course) was perfectly geared towards someone such as myself: a native speaker with little to no actual formal teaching experience. Now I am ready.

  • Lisa Linton, Spain

    I live in Spain and have taught English to students of all ages and group sizes. I had wanted to take a TEFL course for a long time and this one covered all the areas I needed.

  • Norman Giovanni Ballabio, South Africa

    I learned so much in such a short time. I really enjoyed it and found it to be extremely interesting. Great course I really enjoyed it. I cannot wait to apply for teaching positions.

  • Emily Wilt, USA

    I can honestly say if I ever need to brush up, or recommend a TEFL program to a friend, TEFL Express will be first on my mind.

  • Angelique Latimer, USA

    I am so happy I chose TEFL Express. I have learned so much and feel confident with the new tools I'll be able to use in the classroom and teaching online. Thank you for creating an excellent online platform that is informative and interactive.

  • Alan Silva, Brazil

    I couldn't be happier! Even though I'm usually short on time, I managed to learn a lot and finish this training. Thank you, TEFL Express!

  • Rachel Zappone, USA - Teaching in South Korea

    The observation videos were very helpful to experience what it would be like in an actual classroom, especially for those who have never taught before. It was a really good course and the material that was covered throughout it has been very helpful. I am currently in Seoul, South Korea, I have been here for 3 weeks now, and I absolutely love it.

  • Karissa Jones, USA

    I'm already teaching, but the course gave me a lot of great planning and teaching ideas and strategies.

  • Tena Kasuba, Croatia

    It is the fastest and most efficient way of preparing for teaching challenges abroad, while offering a sense of accomplishment upon completion.
    Recently I started teaching in Hong Kong, I work for Dramatic English and this job has been very rewarding so far and it seems things can only get better. I'm advancing faster than I ever expected and my superiors as well as students and their parents have been satisfied with my methods and effort.

  • Brianna Sprole, USA

    In depth teaching points. As someone who has little classroom experience, it was important to get familiarized with the actual act of teaching. Everything (in the course) seemed to have its place and importance. I have been wanting to get certified in TEFL for over a decade. I was fortunate enough to stumble upon TEFL Express at the right time (...). I'm incredibly happy to have completed the course, and cannot wait to put what I have learned into action!

  • Takara Ericsson, South Africa

    It (the course) now enables me to start my life on a positive and happy note. I researched plenty of courses and found TEFL Express to be the one that won me over because of the setup of the course (...).

  • Carla Martinho, Portugal

    Well, I have been working as a teacher for a long time, and I do believe the course reflects well the teaching experience. The way it was structured and its subjects. I found it very realistic in what concerns the teaching experience. I've been teaching for many years and wanted a certificate which would allow me to teach abroad. I have recommended your courses to fellow colleagues and will continue to do so.

  • Jean Hewson, Canada

    There were lots of concrete ideas for activities for different learning situations. I am a middle-aged music teacher thinking about taking a year off and going to another country for a year or so just to do something different. I thought having EFL qualifications would broaden my horizons in terms of possible employment. I loved the course. It gave me lots of ideas on how to structure English lessons, and much of what I learned I found could be applied to the music instruction that I do as well!
    Thanks for putting together such a quality course.

  • Diana Hancock, USA

    I learned so much! Especially enjoyed the videos! I have been teaching Spanish for 25 years but ESL only for 2. Thanks! I learned a lot!

  • Karla Jansen van Rensburg, South Africa

    Covered a wide amount of content that is useful for teaching. One of the best programs there are to kick start a teaching career in English

  • Alexander G Quan, Ireland

    (...) I have been thinking about getting my TEFL certificate but I did not know where to start or who to trust. I felt that I had nothing to lose (...) and would check it (TEFL Express) out to see how good the course turned out. I was very glad I decided to take it with TEFL and would recommend it to my friends.
    Having completed the highest level certificate available, I feel that TEFL Express has given me the confidence to begin my teaching career. I can't wait to begin teaching in Thailand over the summer to begin. I will get some teaching material from TEFL Express before I head off because I trust their services. I'd highly recommend giving TEFL Express a run for the money.
    Good luck future teachers.

  • Diana and Mark, USA

    I learned so much! Especially enjoyed the videos! I am currently teaching in California. My ESL students come from China, Korea, and Vietnam. I am enjoying using all the tools and ideas I learned during my Summer course with TEFL/TESOL Express.
    My husband is currently taking the same course (...). He taught ESL classes a long time ago, but would like to get back into it, if possible.

  • Jana Papez, Canada

    I am an ESL qualified and experienced teacher in Canada; your course was interesting for me, especially because of the UK/Australia references and slight differences from what I know here. It gave a great overview of what and how needs to be taught, again - adding a slightly different perspective by not being Canadian based. In many videos I have seen things that I am also doing with my students, thus confirming that my practice reflects the teachings in other parts of the world. I have really enjoyed this course. Thank you!

  • Kaylash Panday, UK

    I decided to take my TEFL training with TEFL Express because I was encouraged by friends who recently used the TEFL Express and QUALIFIED! The resources are creative and engaging, which is fantastic because it made the hours fly by!
    I worked at an EF summer-camp based on the Isle of Wight, teaching students from Spain, Italy, France, Sweden and China. Made so many great friends and even managed to travel a little afterwards. Hands down, one of the best experiences I've had.....thanks to my top class TEFL qualification from you guys! After the fantastic summer I've had teaching, travelling, and having fun, I would urge anyone to get this qualification, with TEFL Express. It opens so many doors, and gives you the opportunity to experience so much, what have you got to lose?

  • Sarojini Battaglia, South Africa

    I have learnt sooooo much! I did not realize how complicated, yet intriguing, the TEFL language course really was! I see teaching & learning in a completely new light now. Nothing I didn't like! Every bit was absolutely useful. Excellent course! (...) I will never ever forget this amazing & challenging learning experience! Thank you ... Much appreciated! Regards, JB

  • Thomas Lensen, Netherlands

    Just everything that i expected was in the course and more, i really enjoyed it and learned a lot. I'm really happy with this course. Thank you.

  • Natalie Cox, teaching in Thailand

    It's going amazing!! Loving every moment the experience , the culture , and the students.. I've been blessed and found a school next door to a temple and I'm honored in teaching monks as well , I wish this experience on anybody wanting to teach and travel. It is something that changes your life . Thank you for your 24 hour support I could not have done this with out all the help and support.

    See Natalie teaching English to monks


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