Cambridge ESOL TKT Exam Preparation

Cambridge TKT Preparation Course

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Gain a TEFL qualification plus be fully prepared to take the Cambridge ESOL Teaching Knowledge Test.

The Cambridge TKT Preparation Course comprises 5 Units, which cover all modules of the test.

Why Choose Cambridge ESOL TKT Preparation Course?

An internationally recognised Cambridge ESOL certificate opens doors to teaching jobs throughout the world. You'll feel confident in your professional skills and be well received wherever you travel.

Upon successful completion of the course candidates will be thoroughly prepared for the TKT exam. The TKT units break down as follows:

Unit 1: Language (Grammar, Lexis, Pronunciation & Functions)Language (Grammar, Lexis, Pronunciation & Functions)

  • Language – Grammar
  • Language Lexis
  • Language – Phonology
  • Language – Functions

Unit 2: Language Skills (Listening, Speaking, Reading & Writing)

  • Receptive Skills – Overview
  • Receptive Skills – Listening
  • Receptive Skills – Reading
  • Productive Skills – Speaking
  • Productive Skills – Writing

Unit 3: Learning and Teaching Languages Preparation for University of Cambridge TKT Certificate 1

  • Learners & Learning – Motivation
  • Learners & Learning – Exposure
  • Learners & Learning – The Role of Error
  • Learners & Learning – Learning first and second language
  • Learners & Learning – Learner Characteristics
  • Learners & Learning – Learner Needs
  • Teaching Assessment – Presentation Techniques
  • Teaching Assessment – Practice Tasks
  • Teaching Assessment – Assessment Tasks

Unit 4: Teaching Materials and Lesson Planning Preparation for University of Cambridge TKT Certificate 2

  • Lesson Preparation – Lesson Aims
  • Lesson Preparation – The Components of a Lesson Plan
  • Lesson Preparation – Planning a Lesson
  • Lesson Preparation – Choosing Assessment Tasks
  • Lesson Preparation – Choosing Assessment Tasks
  • Using Resources– Supplementary Tasks and Materials
  • Using Resources– Teaching Aids

Unit 5: Classroom Management

  • Classroom Language – Teacher and Student Language
  • Classroom Language – Categorising Mistakes
  • Classroom Management – Teacher Roles
  • Classroom Management – Organising Groups and Interactions
  • Classroom Management – Error Correction
  • Classroom Management – Giving Feedback

The above TKT units are a preparation course for the 5 part Teaching Knowledge Test (TKT) that will give you a score of 1-4 from the Cambridge ESOL examining body. A good score in this demonstrates familiarity with the theory of English teaching. If you wanted to do this exam you would have to arrange the examination yourself. The cost depends on the local centre. You can find a list of local Cambridge ESOL centres here.

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