Passed your TEFL certificate? Get your Complete Classroom Resource Kit

Complete Classroom Resource Kit

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In life perfect combinations now we have the perfect combination of TEFL classroom activities and resources for newly qualified teachers.

Contained in this Complete Classroom Resource Kit are three professionally written downloadable and re-usable resources: TEFL Express Grammar Guide, Lesson Plan Compendium and 30 Ready to Roll Preparation-Free Activities to use anytime with any level.

  • Lesson Plan Compendium

    Once you're in the classroom, with this collection of lesson plans you'll never be at a loss for complete lessons delivered on target and on time every time!

    The Lesson Plan Compendium is a 121-page downloadable resource. The 40 lesson plans are designed to make them as accessible as possible. They are numbered 1-40 and cover 11 different topics, from hobbies to holidays. This is not a course or a curriculum but a selection of plans that are designed to be as easy to use and adaptable as possible.

    The plans have been written with target language aimed at Lower Intermediate students but all the lessons can be adapted by using more advanced language. The activities themselves can usually be used with other target language and will be a valuable addition to any teacher's repertoire. View sample

  • TEFL Express Grammar Guide

    This will give you the expert knowledge you need to be able to teach the essentials of English grammar confidently and turn grammar from a chore to a pleasure. Trainees are taken through the basics of English grammar at Elementary and Pre-intermediate levels.

    The TEFL Express Grammar Guide contains 'how we make it' and 'how we use it' sections for each grammar point. There is also a section which shows the most common mistakes that learners make with grammar points to help prepare for teaching it. View sample

  • Ready to Roll! 30 Preparation-Free Activities

    It does what it says on the tin! This downloadable collection of activity instructions will give you the tools at your fingertips to transform your teaching. Guaranteed fun and effective hit activities from warmers to roundups. Ready to Roll! 30 Preparation-Free Activities is a 63-page collection that contains all you need to run 30 of the greatest language teaching activities for any class. There are Icebreakers, Warmers, Fillers, Discussions, Roundups and more. This is an e-book full of simple ideas that work. They have all been tried and tested by teachers. The activities in this book are extremely light on materials and take very little time to prepare. The activities are adaptable for use with any level and can also be modified to use with any target language. They require a minimum of preparation. View sample


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