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UK TESOL & TEFL Courses & Certification Training Online

Are you an English language speaker?

You can embrace a new culture in a fulfilling and rewarding way and at the same time make a wise investment in your career.

Whether you’re filling a gap year or starting a career in a new direction, TEFL Express can give you the highest level of TEFL training and qualifications required to open doors, boundaries and opportunities. Browse through our range of independently accredited online, classroom or blended courses and get started on your TEFL adventure today.


UK TEFL course

TEFL course in ScotlandObtaining a TEFL certificate will open up a whole new world of opportunity for you, quite literally. With much of the world wishing to learn English skills to give themselves more opportunities, skilled teachers that can teach them the skills they need are very much in high demand. A TEFL certificate will give you the skills needed to teach other people the English language in various regions around the world.

Attending a TEFL course in Scotland could open up fantastic opportunities for you to live and work in tropical locations. You could also find yourself living and working immersed in interesting cultures. With such a big world to explore and so much to see and do, obtaining a TEFL certificate will help you to see more than most. With TEFL Express you have access to TEFL courses in England and the rest of the UK, you could earn a qualification that could be your passport to the world.

If you have always dreamt of travelling the world but have always wondered how you would manage it, teaching English is a fantastic opportunity to do so. Working within the community will help you to actually experience the culture rather than just seeing the surface as you would do on a holiday.

With TEFL Express courses in London you not only get to broaden your career opportunities, you also get to broaden your mind. With the right guidance and dedication, you could also get to create a very successful career for yourself.

TEFL Online

TESOL coursesTaking up a career as an English teacher in faraway lands is a career decision that can help you to discover a very rich and rewarding life. With job vacancies for English teachers opening up all around the world a TEFL certification allows you to teach English in many different countries across the world or if you wish, make a new country your home. TEFL Express will help you to obtain all the certificates and qualifications you will need to help you embark on a rich and fulfilling career.

Once you have completed your online TEFL training and achieved your certificates then you are ready to teach. Teaching can be a very rewarding career making for a career opportunity that you will enjoy for many years to come. A successful teacher will find that they will have a long and fruitful career in which they progress as they gain experience. TEFL and TESOL courses can help you to live and work in places that only the rich and famous would normally get to visit. Tropical beaches and magnificent cities could be your next home as the people there want somebody to help them to speak your language.

With a different range of courses and options available to you, TEFL Express want to give you the package that will give you the best chance of making a successful career teaching English in foreign countries. With countless jobs available across the planet, you have an almost limited variety of opportunities ahead of you.

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